School Prayer

O Lord our heavenly father, may your name be praised.

By your divine grace and power, you have given us life.

Thank you for this wonderful gift and for all things great and small.

Lead us out through the paths of righteousness that we may be worthy of your promises.

Enkindle in us the fire of your love that we may grow in love of others.

May your blessings, in torrents, fall upon us, our parents, teachers, the proprietor, friends and foes alike.

May your joy fill our hearts, homes and school today and always. Amen

I pledge on my honour as a PIC student

That I will obey all school rules and regulations;

That I will be diligent in my studies;

And always preserve the integrity of this institution.

That I will, by my words and actions, portray the moral values, skills, discipline and academic excellence inculcated in me by my teachers.

That I will honour and obey my teachers and parents

That I will always show fear of God and love for humanity in all my endeavours

These I pledge now and hereafter,

So help me God.

School Anthem

PIC: Penny International College

Was founded in 1996

With eleven students

Four teachers and dynamic Proprietor

Success is our watchword

We dedicate awards to the Lord

With prayers and hard work

We can make it.


PIC: Always Penny for Success.

We thank God for our Proprietor

Chief Ifeolu Adeniyan

Board of Directors, teachers and parents

Who work hard to give us a sound education

Glory be to God on high

PIC: Always Penny for Success

Penny International, College.