Cultural Day With The Fulani Troupe
Parents at InterHouse Sports
Students at InterHouse Sports
Umeoduagu House (White House)
Ozonmaeme House (Purple House)
Jibuike House (Green House)
Iloh House (Yellow House)
Obele House (Red House)
Umezinne House (Blue House)
Cultural Day - The Proprietor, Late Chief Ifeolu Adebisi Adeniyan with the principal, Mrs. J.C Udoji, V.P Admin Mr. Nkwocha, V.P Academics Dr. (Mrs) Eze
Contestants at Master & Miss Penny
Contestants at Master & Miss Penny
Handover Ceremony: Class 2019 to Class 2020
Set to win: Hilany, the Head Boy @ 2019 Interhouse Sports Competition
Master & Miss Penny Winners Receiving Gifts
Miss Penny Pageant
Head Boy Ugochukwu and Asst. Head Boy 2005
Head Boy & Head Girl Chinwendu Uba